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School & Studies

First I want to start off by saying I cannot stand people who put a space between their paragraphs but also indent. I think it's probably a failing of their html and not that they are truly horrible people - but they are.

I suppose this should start another parahraph but I will need to find out.

I am in school now, again, and studying Chemistry.

This probably won't be an extremly flashy page, atleast not at first. I feel like I need a platform to share my ideas and have decided to use this.

So to the meat and potatoes of it all. I am back in school and this semester I am taking an online Psychology class called "Intro to Research Methods" and a physical class at Ventura College aptly titled Chemistry 1B, which is their version of basic Chemistry, but second semester. So far I am about halfway through and doing well. I don't know if I have any specific complaints about school, I really just wish I had been more dedicated at an earlier age. I am 30 now and most of my classmates are barely 20.

This certainly brings an interesting dynamic to the classroom when I am way ahead of everyone simply for that fact I am just more comfortable in a classroom setting, having been in school for so long you learn what is expected of the students rather quickly. One thing I do ponder on, in and out of class, is whether the current model of lecturing to a room full of students is sustainable. I have a friend, let's call him John. Well John used to tell me about his experiences with lecture style classrooms. He would either be way ahead of the lecture and become bored, or get stuck on topic or idea and fall behind trying to figure it out. He wasn't able to move past the issue in his head and mentally attend the rest of the lecture because he was still trying to cement the idea that was discussed 15 minutes ago. John would tend to go to the first lecture, establish that he no longer needed to attend lecture due to the fact the professor did not take role and never return, except for tests. Now, before anyone starts to wonder, John is most certainly lazy, but he is a good student, quite bright, and always achieved sucess when it came to grades. He just simply didn't see lectures as a benefit to him.

I have a similar issue, but for different reasons. While I completely agree with John in his critisism over lectures and how they are quite often too slow or too fast for the majority of the student. My main critisism lies with my time. My time is extremely valuable, made even more valuable by the fact that I am an atheist. I am juggling school, work, and a personal life. I want every second I am awake to have meaning, I want my time to be utilized effectively. When I am forced to miss work, or move my schedule around to accomodate school, only to be subjected to a lecture that barely passed for a cliff notes version of the text book, I can't help but think my time could have been better served. And in this day and age of instant communications and mobile devices, how is this still a thing? Sorry John Oliver, stole that.

Anyway, that is some of the worst writing I have ever seen in my life and will now go hang my head in shame. Bye for now.